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Align your financial needs with your personal goals through a comprehensive financial plan

The Kingwood Investment Group is an independent retirement planning and wealth management firm based in Kingwood, Texas. Co-Founder, Gary Alden is a native Texan who, early in his career, recognized a significant need in the financial services industry for independent, comprehensive planning for American families.  He believed in planning so strongly, he created the trademark, Changing the Way America Plans for Retirement™

Since 1994, Gary and his team his team of professionals set out with the mission to serve their community in bringing together all critical areas of financial planning,

Gary and Christopher Alden have found that too often, those nearing retirement or already in retirement, find themselves with retirement plans that are inefficient or no longer reflect their risk tolerance, leaving them vulnerable to market volatility as well as economic and legislative changes. A comprehensive financial plan avoids those pitfalls by taking an integrated approach that coordinates all key areas of your financial life, including:

  • Investments
  • Insurance
  • Tax planning
  • Social Security strategies
  • Medicare
  • Estate planning

By creating a comprehensive financial plan, we can help eliminate any gaps or redundancies and identify new opportunities to align your hard-earned life savings with your retirement goals. We can help you avoid tax inefficiencies and missed savings opportunities and identify critical legal documents that will help you leave the legacy you want for your loved ones.

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