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Research shows that over a third of Americans have no retirement savings, and that number is only increasing. This is the result of many factors, including complicated enrollment processes, autoenrollment confusion, and a lack of education regarding the importance of saving for retirement.

As financial professionals, we understand how overwhelming the world of retirement savings and investing can be. Individuals often feel so overwhelmed with too many retirement plan options and too little education regarding them that they do nothing and rely on their pension or other minimal savings.

The truth is, pensions and Social Security don’t provide enough income for a retiree. With most Baby Boomers retiring over the course of the next decade, the demand for Social Security is increasing, as is the cost of living. We want to help more individuals navigate the complexities of retirement savings by acting as a trusted resource along the way.

By working with a financial professional, you can be part of the minority of US adults that has adequate retirement savings. Contact us today to get started.